I created this patch design for Wood Badge Course W2-61-18-1. Wood Badge is an adult leadership training offered for Boy Scouts of America Unit Leaders. Each local council offers multiple Wood Badge courses each year, and finds one volunteer member to serve as Scoutmaster and run each course. Each course is assigned a unique number based on the BSA region, the council number, and year that the course is held. Additionally, the Scoutmaster of each course gets to pick a theme or catchphrase for each course, as well as include the animal of the patrol that they were in as a participant. In this case, the course theme was "rise to the occasion," and the animal to be included was an Eagle.
I based my design on the Norman Rockwell painting "High Adventure" and included an image of Ship Rock, one of the landmarks at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch - where the course is being held. Here is the final design that I came up with:
And here are some of the early iterations and revisions:
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