This video was screened for the entirety of the Gateway to Media class, and was given to Upstart Crow for use in their future marketing and promotions.
In addition to the video, we also gathered information and created graphical representations of Upstart Crow's statistics and information. We formulated a plan for strategic communication to help increase the nonprofit's community presence and hopefully encourage more community members to take part and donate.
Using InDesign, I created a positioning map and infographic - both suitable for print or web applications. As an additional exercise, I used photography from Adobe Stock to create a simple poster-style advertisment. Finally, I created a creative brief that encapsulates Upstart Crow's story and our plan for working with them.
This positioning map outlines where Upstart Crow fits in with other community organizations that offer children's programs.
This infographic compares the funding of Upstart Crow with that of the local school district, and demonstrates the direct value of donating, and the difference that it will make in the life of a child.
The photo is from Adobe Stock, and I made minor adjustments before adding the text and logo. This advertisement could be placed in other theaters such as Eugene's Hult Center to promote children's theaters alongside other arts programs.
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