I created this poster to be used as promotional material around the University of Oregon campus prior to the beginning of the RecycleMania competition. Our goal was to inform the campus community about RecycleMania and encourage competition with Oregon State University, our rival school. To promote friendly competition, I used the "Civil War" phrasing, which is used throughout the two schools' athletics departments for UO v OSU games.
The poster shows the schools' mascots - a Duck and a Beaver stylized as recyclable materials - squaring off against one another, and contains basic information about how long the competition runs. The faded paper and creases effect was used to create the style of a retro newspaper clipping, or even an vintage wrestling poster.
I also created a slightly modified version of the poster for use as a digital display. This 1920 x 1080 format required the rearranging of several elements, in order to fit the landscape orientation. I also removed certain elements, including the folded poster effect, in order to prevent the design from being overly cluttered. These digital displays are shown on TV screens throughout campus for about 3-5 seconds at a time. Because of this short viewing time, we want the graphic to be as simplified as possible.
Ducks vs Beavers - Due to branding/licensing limitations, we're not actually allowed to use our own school's mascot within our designs, which leads to us having to use workaround such as this.
The folded/creased effect was created using four simple gradients. Using a Soft Light blending mode changes the lighting within each quadrant and causes the illusion of folds.
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