The original design for the Dobbins patches was absolutely atrocious. The design was simply too busy, with way too many things going on at once, and with colors that just did not work together. I recreated the patch for them to fit their Star Wars theme, including the twin suns (à la Tatooine), starry sky, and "Force Awakens" style text. Of all of the camp's patches, this is the one that I am the most happy with how it turned out.
Dietler's theme this year was a murder mystery, so I chose to go with the magnifying glass and fingerprint design. The actual patches ended up being slightly different - with a simplified fingerprint and loop located on the top. Though I'm not unhappy with the design, I do think that it is overall fairly simple and could have been much better.
I created this patch for WEST well in advance of finalizing any plans for how the camp would be ran, including what its theme would be. For that reason, I chose to go with a generic patch that included the newly-created WEST brand and some basic details about the camp. Despite its simplicity, I'm please with this design and how striking the typeface is.
Magness Adventure Camp's theme was "Around the World in 80 Days (in 3 Days)" Unfortunately, their patches that had originally been designed before the summer never ended up being produced. This was a bit of a bummer to all of their participants because nobody received patches at all. I was tasked with creating a new version to be handed out after the fact. I came up with this design that features the Cub Scout ranks scattered across the globe, as well as the hot air balloon from the original "Around the World" story.
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