Ben Pettis

Video Projects

  • A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace - 2020
  • In 1996, John Perry Barlow (of the Electronic Frontier Foundation) gave us a utopian view of what the increasingly popular World Wide Web might offer. Demanding that governments "leave us alone" and keep their regulations and laws out of online spaces, he suggests that the online communities which inhabit cyberspace are fully equipped to resolve any conflicts that may arise. But when we think about what the Web looks like in 2020 as compared to the late 1990s and early 2000s, there are stark contrasts.
  • This video revisits Barlow's Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace and asks whether his words still ring true. Were we actually successful at creating a civilization of the Mind in Cyberspace? Is it actually more humane and fair than the world governments have made before?
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  • Intro to Public Speaking - Online Review Videos - 2020
  • During the Spring 2020 semester, I taught multiple sections of SPCM 200 - Intro to Public Speaking. Each section had approximately 20 students, and the course covered basic principles of public speakig, along with fundamentals of research, writing, and argumentation. In March 2020, Colorado State University—like many others—transitioned to fully remote instruction in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We transitioned SPCM 200 to an asynchronous format, and began delivering course materials primairly through pre-recorded videos. At the end of the semester, I produced many short videos such as these to help review various parts of course content before the final exam.
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  • It - 2016
  • This is a short video produced for J 206 at the University of Oregon. I worked with a team of three other students to quickly shoot and produce a video in a highly compressed time frame of just about two hours.
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  • The Litterbug - 2015
  • This is a short film I created as part of my CINE 270 (Introduction to Narrative Production) class at the University of Oregon. I wrote the script, and directed a crew of 18 other film students to create the short.
  • Watch on Vimeo
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