Pedagogy Workshops

As a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Colorado State University, I have had many great opportunities to learn and grow as an instructor. I’ve attended and participated in multiple pedagogy workshops offered by the CSU Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT) in partnership with other University units. For each of these workshops, I wrote a brief review and reflection which you can view here, in addition to a short description and presenter information.

Inclusive Pedagogy and Praxis: Who Am I?

October 2018 •College of liberal arts


Dr. Roze Hentschell, Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, CLA

Ria Vigil, Assistant Vice President for Diversity


Inclusive pedagogy, according to our working definition “involves deliberately cultivating a learning environment where all students are treated equitably, have equal access to learning, and feel valued and supported in their learning. Such teaching attends to social identities and seeks to change the ways systemic inequities shape dynamics in teaching-learning spaces, affect individuals' experiences of those spaces, and influence course design."

The workshops, facilitated by Dr. Roze Hentschell and Ria Vigil, and in partnership with the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, will give you a greater understanding of inclusive pedagogical principles and classroom practices.

Setting Goals to Develop your Teaching Effectiveness

September 2018 •College of liberal arts Master teacher initiative


Jennifer Todd and Tonya Buchan, TILT Instructional Designers


When you finish teaching a lesson, or unit, or course, how do you know how effective you were? What does effective teaching even look like? And what can you do to improve your effectiveness?
Join instructional designers from TILT who will share with you the work they have been doing around defining and developing teaching effectiveness at CSU. This hands-on workshop will bring you through a process of establishing a teaching goal, creating action steps to carry out the goal, and assessing progress toward that goal.