I worked with my sister, Sarah Pettis, and assisted her with turning her original design drawing into a digital graphic. This image was then used as the jersey design for Oregon State University's Women's Ultimate Team.
The drawing that I used as the basis of the design was already fairly finalized, requiring only minor touchups and edits.
I scanned and digitized the drawing, and then used Photoshop to clean up the drawing, as well as improve some of the shading. When printing a graphic onto clothing, there are often color restrictions. In this case, the design could only be one color (in addition to the color of the fabric itself). Therefore, I had to change all the various shades of grey to be solid black. Additionally, the design requirements dictate that the design contain no thin lines, as well as no large areas of solid color. While working on digitizing the drawing, I also had to make sure that these guidelines were being followed in order to ensure that the design would print correctly.
This is the finalized digital design that I came up with:
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