One World One Roar is about unity. The world today has adapted to divisiveness, and as a society we have found many ways to polarize one another. One World One Roar is about coming together, looking past the things that separate us and taking a moment to appreciate the numerous things that bring us together. One World One Roar is about actively making a difference today for the betterment of tomorrow, in tangible and real ways. One World One Roar is about appreciating the potential that youth have to change the globe. It is about engaging our hearts before our minds, finding common cause, achieving greatness and doing more good for the community than we were ever expected to.
One World One Roar Mission Statement

This is the video we produced for the contest. I was involved in the planning process as well as coordinating technical logistics. The video was shot by my friend Gavin Rudy using a Canon T3i.
To meet the actual contest entry requirements, we had to shorten the video to be under 2 minutes. I was one of the editors who cut this version down to meet that criteria. Due to licensing restrictions by ABC, I'm unable to host a copy of the shortened video here. However, I can provide a link to the shortened video.
After our school had been announced, I had the opportunity to work behind the scene's with Good Morning America's producers to create even more content about the event, some of which was aired nationally on ABC's live broadcast of Good Morning America.
I worked with other members of my school's video production class to create this short video to be a part of Katy Perry's birthday event. We wanted to highlight how our message applies universally across the world. This is why we chose to feature the students of Lakewood High School saying "Happy Birthday" in every language represented by the student body. Additionally, we included footage from Cooper High School and Verrado High School, two of the other finalists in the "Roar With Katy Perry" contest.
Finally, I created one final video to summarize the entire experience. It covers everything from our original entry to the contest to our challenge to other schools across America.
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