I was asked to create a 4"x6" table tent insert to promote UO Zero Waste's events for Earth Day 2017. We weren't doing any huge events, but instead some simple tabling and small activities. My design needed to promote those activities, as well as promote Earth day in general.
Naturally, I began by creating an Earth graphic:

I created this "low-poly" image of the Earth using Photoshop. I started with a satellite photo of the planet, and began filling it in with triangular selections and the "Average Blur" effect to select the color for each.

Using this Earth graphic, I put together a basic design layout and a few variations:
As an aside, I accidentally used the wrong date on these designs, so maybe this next part turned out to be a good thing...)
However, just three days before the deadline to submit graphics to the printer, the decision was made to utilize this table tent for additional messaging as well. Because UO Zero Waste only has a limited number of table tents each term, we decided to also include information about composting on campus, specifically about common contaminants.
Rather than start completely from scratch, I chose to take my original design (and Earth graphic) and modified the layout to include more information about compost contaminants.
The final design ended up being more cluttered than I would have liked, but I'm still satisfied with how I was able to blend the two different messages together into a single graphic.
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