Approximately 200 copies of this table insert were printed and distributed. They were placed in five different dining locations on tables to be viewed by students.
As a way to celebrate America Recycles Day, we wanted to help students learn how to handle items that are often trickier to sort. If people understand how materials are supposed to be sorted, they are more likely to take the time to get them into the appropriate collection location. Corrugated Cardboard and Paperboard/Cardstock seem like similar materials, but are actually recycled differently. Paperboard can be recycled with other mixed paper products, but cardboard has to be processed separately.
This table insert shows students a fast and easy way to differentiate these two items. This "squiggle" method is the same one that we use at UO Zero Waste in our own sorting facility; teaching students to pre-sort these materials not only gets them more involved in the recycling process, but eases the sorting burden for recycling staff as well.
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