About Me
I study the ways that we consume, produce, and interact with media in all aspects of life. With constantly increasing levels of media saturation, the things we read, watch, and listen to are more important than ever to study. My specific areas of interest include online communication, Internet communities, and memes. With constantly headlines about fake news, data collection, and targeted advertising, these new and developing forms of communication have increasingly become a part of the public sphere and I believe in the importance of a critical examination these issues.
I have experience with many facets of the media world including photography (digital and film), image manipulation, graphic design, video production and editing. My portfolio showcases recent projects that I have worked on, as well as some of the pieces that I have written. I also share details about what I'm up to on my full website and personal blog, benpettis.com.
If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me using either through social media or by shooting an email to contact@benpettis.ninja.

"Maybe if I include an anonymous quote, people will think I'm smarter."
- Anonymous
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