Stretching Poster

One of the workplace policies of the UO Zero Waste Program is that each crew member begins their shift with 10-15 minutes of stretching. This is intended to help prevent workplace injuries by preparing the body for the physical activity needed to work. Many crew members were not stretching effectively, and weren't sure what stretches would be beneficial. I was asked to help come up with a graphical depiction of a new stretching routine to help address this issue.

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Two other co-workers created the actual stretch routine. Their goal was to target specific areas of the body, making sure to focus on muscles groups that are frequently used during routes, processing, and other work for Zero Waste.
To match these different areas of the body, I split up the poster much like a human anatomy chart. Each section has the specific stretches for the area, including photos, descriptions, and additional arrows as necessary.
Copies of the poster were printed out and laminated to be posted in the crew rooms. At both of the Zero Waste Program's work locations the poster is available for the crew to reference and use to guide their stretching at the beginning of their shifts.
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