Spring Break Prep Table Tent

I created this 4" x 6" Table Tent for the UO Zero Waste Program as part of our RecycleMania 2017 to promote environmentally responsible choices. Our goal was to encourage students to consider the impact that they have on the environment have when it comes to making choices for Spring Break. We did this by connecting our activities - the Stress Less Week crafting workshop - and our advice - composting food and making green travel plans - with the end of term preparations that most students are already undergoing.

Because our messaging for this table tent was not about a single event, but rather a wide array of tips, it was important that the visual style was simple and did not distract from the text. I chose to go with a generic nature image to fit with the general theme of Spring Break preparations, and used a simple rounded style to make it more simplistic.
I was so pleased with what I came up with, I actually made this my phone wallpaper.
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