PV Holiday Photos

Each year during the holidays, the Camp Directors and Ranch Director of the Denver Area Council Summer Camps create and send out cards to all of the Boy Scout troops that came to camp that year. It's a great way to stay in contact with those troops, as well as maintain a positive relationship between them and the camp. This year, I created "winter" versions of the summer camp staff photos to include as part of these cards.

The original staff photos were taken by Peter Anderson, whose website is linked here.
I used Adobe Photoshop to create a winter weather effect, making it seem as if the photos were taken in snowy weather, rather than in the middle of the Summer. This was done by creating a new black & white and brighter layer and overlaying it over the original. From there, I tweaked where this "snow" overlay appeared as well as further adjustments. Finally, I added some fake snowflakes over the entire image to complete the effect.
It's far from a perfect transformation from Summer to Winter, but it is enough to create an approximation of another season.
Dietler Staff - Original Photo
Dietler Staff - Winter Photo
Dobbins Staff - Original Photo
Dobbins Staff - Winter Photo
PV Staff - Original Photo
PV Staff - Winter Photo
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