Peaceful Valley - Summer Camp Promotion

One important aspect of planning and preparing for the Summer Camp season is promotion and marketing. As much as we'd like to think otherwise, Summer Camp is still a business and we have to get scouts to attend camp in order to keep our doors open. Social media offers a great opportunity to reach a large audience, and show off the unique programs and activities that are available. Peaceful Valley has four different summer camp programs (WEST, Magness, Dobbins, and Dietler), and a wide array of offerings for scouts. However, the Denver Area Council's social media activity has been limited, often containing only basic information about summer camp sign-up and deadlines, but little about specific programs. I created this template to quickly create posts for platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

This is the basic layout for each social media post. I created a simple InDesign template, to quickly produce and export additional versions. All someone has to do is replace the photo, and fill in the program name and badge/image.

For each image, I wrote a small blurb with information about the program being featured. Each of them ended with the same tagline and call-to-action: "Visit to start your Summer adventure!"
A few examples:
Webelos Extreme Scouting Trek
For Webelos at Camp Dietler, mealtimes are more than just time for a break during a busy day. As part of the Webelos Extreme Scouting Trek (WEST) program, scouts will work with each other in patrols to prepare and cook their own meals.
Visit to start your Summer adventure!
At the Outdoor Skills lodge scouts will learn the methods and techniques that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Knot-tying, First Aid, Orienteering--all this and more will help you truly Be Prepared!
Visit to start your Summer adventure!
Have you had a chance to visit the forge at Camp Dietler? Under the close supervision of our staff, scouts here heat, bend, and shape metal to create unique individual projects. 
Visit to start your Summer adventure!
Magness Adventure Camp
Lake activities aren’t just for the older Boy Scouts to enjoy! Magness Adventure Camp is home to Kiewit Lake, where Cub Scouts of all ages can participate in all sorts of aquatics activities—including Canoes, Paddle Boats, and the separate swim area.
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